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«Friends in our life»

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Название«Friends in our life»
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Проектная деятельность на уроках английского языка

Учитель: Бровина(Мандрыко) М.М.

Тема: «Friends in our life»

  1. Подготовка к проекту

  2. Работа над проектом (определение темы проекта, распределение обязанностей, отбор материала, составление проекта)

  3. Защита проекта

I. Подготовка к проекту (серия уроков)

1) Отработка фраз и словосочетаний (стр. 20 у.29)

- to support

-to betray

- to envy

-to feel jealous

- to ignore

- to deserve

- to quarrel

-to appreciate smth

- to avoid

2) Чтение 3х текстов и обсуждение (семья-друзья) (у.30,33,35 с. 21-23)

  1. Работа с текстами в группах

T: You know that very often teenagers have some problems because their parents don`t like their friends. Now you are going to read the texts about Alan, Julia and Catherine and to learn how they feel about the parents-and-friends problem. Work in groups. The first group will read the text abot Alan, the second-about Julia, the third-about Catherine. You will get several sentences and after reading you should find the sentence that reflects the idea of the text and put it on the blackboard under the name of your character.(S.B. p.21 ex.30) Prove your opinion. (Осуществляется работа в группах, которая предусматривает чтение с пониманием общего содержания. Учащиеся объясняют свой выбор и прикрепляют нужное предложение на доску.)

T: Open your books at page 21 ex. 30.


Group1: It`s safer to rely on family.

Group2: Friends are good for nothing.

Group3: We can`t choose relatives, but we can choose friends-and that`s the thing!

T: Now, cоmment on each of your texts. What do you agree with and what ideas don`t you share? Use the following phrases: I support the idea that..., I absolutely agree with..., I have nothing against the idea that..., I`m afraid, I don`t like the idea..., I`m absolutely against the idea that..., It`s nonsense..., It sounds strange to me..., On one hand..., On the other hand..., In some ways, I agree with..., but at the same time...

На доске фразы, помогающие высказать согласие или несогласие с мнением героя текста. Учащиеся читают их за учителем и переводят некоторые из них.

T: Use the phrases explaning your attitude to Alan`s, Julia`s, and Catherine`s opinions.(Учащиеся говорят с чем согласны, а с чем нет.)

Group1: Alan thinks that...

We support the idea...

We think so, because...

  1. Работа с эквивалентами к предложениям из текстов

T: Read all the texts once again and find the equivalents to the following sentences from the texts.( P.23 ex.35(a))

(Учащиеся находят в текстах предложения-синонимы.)


  1. ... a unity of people who support each other in different situations.

  2. Blood is thicker than water.

  3. They care about their jobs and making money.

  4. Sometimes we quarrel...

  5. I appreciate their advice.

  6. Real friends are very rare.

6.Учащиеся выполняют задание True/False. Если утверждение не верно, они дают правильный ответ.

T: (p.23 ex.35(b)) Look through the texts once again and say if these sentences true or false. If they are not true, give the correct answer.


  1. true

  2. false

  3. true

  4. true

  5. true

  6. false

  7. false

  8. true

  9. true

  10. false

  11. false

  12. true

7.T: Think over about your family and friends. Tell us about your relations with them in 5-7 sentences. (Учащиеся готовят небольшое высказывание по теме.)

  1. Характеристики «Хорошего Друга» (у. 36)


Everyone needs a friend. Some people want to have a lot of friends, others need one, or two close ones. Sometimes you choose friends, sometimes other people choose you as their friend. Some of us make friends easily, but there are people who are shy, and it is very difficult for them to make friends. Having friends of your own age is important. These friends tend to look at things the same way you do because they have the same fears, interests, options, problems and worries that you do. Your friends can listen and understand how you feel whether you are dealing with a problem at school or at home.  Your friends are there when you are feeling down, when you are eager of sharing a happy experience.

Let’s talk more about friendship. Our talks and discussions will sure help you to identify the special qualities that you posses as a person, clarify your values, and decide what characteristics to look for in friends. Maybe it will help you in making friends and resolving difficulties when they threaten your friendship.



Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well, if not, it’s ok. Let’s try it now. As a matter of fact, it is not an easy question to answer. The word friend is hard to define. Maybe because this word means different things for different people. Do you agree? Let’s try to describe a friend by saying what he or she does or does not do. Below are some brief descriptions of a friend.

A friend is someone who accepts you.

A friend is someone who needs you.

A friend is someone who can count on you even in bad times.

A friend is someone you can feel close to and can share your feelings with.

A friend is someone you enjoy being with.


Could you write your own answers to the question “What is a friend?”?


4) Хороший друг должен / не должен… (у.37 с. 23)

5) Текст о дружбе

- чтение, обсуждение (с. 25-26)

- допиши рассказ по плану (д/з)

6) Зачем нужны друзья (беседа) (у. 45 с. 27)

  Answer the following questions.

1. Why do you think it is important to have friends?

(More fun to do things together, can help each other, etc.)

2. How could you show someone else that you would like to become friends?

(Act friendly, shows interest in them, share things, be helpful, etc.)

3. One good way to start is by being interested in someone else. What are some ideas for showing that you are interested?

(Ask questions, hang around them, look interested, etc)

4. Why would that be better that just coming up to someone and start talking about yourself?

(The other person might not be interested in hearing about you or what you are doing; the point is to find out about them, etc)

Complete each sentence that tell us what your feeling about friends is.

1.      Friends are important to me because…

2.      I need a friend when…

3.      Friends think that I am…

4.      Friends like me because…

5.      I feel happy when a friend…

6.      I feel unhappy when a friend…

7.      My friends make me angry when…

8.      When a friend teases me, I usually…

9.      I like being with people who…

10.  I would rather not waste time with people who…

11.  I enjoy talking with my friends about…

12.  Some things I enjoy doing with my friends are…    

13.  A special quality that I admire in friends is…

14.  Something I could do to become a better friend is…

15.  Someone I would like to know better is…

7) Пословицы и высказывания о дружбе (у. 46)

Фильмы, песни о дружбе

8) Дружба между парнем и девушкой

- чтение текста, беседа (+/-) (с. 30-31)

9) Описание лучшего друга (у. 59, 60, 61)


- фразы ( be…,look…,feel…)

- Эссе на тему «Мой лучший друг» (д/з)

10) Как стать лучшим товарищем?


- обсуждение (у.64, 65 с. 32)






Examine yourself. What kind of person would you like to have as a friend?

Do you know someone who needs your friendship?




What kind of friends are you? You want people to like you the way you are. Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t. Instead, be natural, honest, and sincere.




Consider the other person’s interests when you are making plans and the other person’s feelings when you are talking or listening.




Express your opinions carefully. Don’t confront, criticize, or make unflattering comparisons.






Try something new. Don’t let fear or failure keep you from signing up for a new activity or accepting a new responsibility. Join a band, club, or team. In groups of this kind, each person is an important part of the whole. Group members depend on one another. By and by, this mutual trust produces lasting friendship.





Often it is easier to get to know someone on a one-to-one basis than it is in a group. Pick a person you would like to know better. Invite this person to spend time with you doing something you would both enjoy, such as watching a movie, playing a game, or just taking a walk. Find time to talk. When you do so, ask about likes and dislikes, interests and experiences. The way to build a friendship is to share feelings, ideas, and experiences.


II. Работа над проектом

1)определение темы проекта

2)разделение на группы и распределение обязанностей

3) отбор материала, составление проекта

4)консультация учителя


-Мой лучший друг «My best friend»

-Дружба в моей жизни «Friendship in my life»

-Дружба- это… «Friendship is…»

-Поговорим о дружбе «Speaking about friendship»

-Моя любимая поговорка о дружбе «My favourite proverb about friendship»

III.Презентация проектов

Печеркина Ирина «My friends»

Лапаева Дарина и Макаренкова Надя «Proverbs and sayings about friendship»

Коломиец Света «My best friend»

Кубушко Рома и Иванов Ваня « Friendship my life»