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Английский язык (предметное содержание) He … the ball hard and this time it into the back of the net

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Название Английский язык (предметное содержание) He … the ball hard and this time it into the back of the net
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    Английский язык (предметное содержание)

    He … the ball hard and this time it... into the back of the net.

    hitted, flew

    hit, flew

    hit, flowed

    was hitted, flied

    If the Spanish team ... to do so well, they ... the World Cup.

    will continue, will be winning

    continues, will win

    continues, will be won

    is continued, will be winning

    I don't think your brother... the party. He ... looking at his watch.

    enjoys, kept

    is enjoying, keeps

    was enjoying, had been kept

    has been enjoying, is kept

    It is difficult … through swamps because of tangled roots and shallow waterways.

    to navigate even for small boats

    for even small boats to navigate

    even small boats for to navigate

    even to navigate for small boats

    So complicated … that consumers who use a product are seldom aware of where all its components come from.

    today trade is international

    today international trade is

    is international trade today

    international trade is today

    great apes, the gibbon is the smallest.

    Four of the types of

    The four types of

    Four types of the

    Of the four types of

    Most southern state had set up primary school systems by the late eighteenth century, but only in New England … and open to all students.

    primary schools were free

    were primary schools free

    free were primary schools

    were free primary schools

    begin their existence as ice crystals over most of the Earth seems likely.


    If raindrops

    What if raindrops

    That raindrops

    Scientists cannot agree on … related to other orders of insects.

    that fleas are

    how fleas are

    how are fleas

    fleas that are

    is a narrow strip of woods along the stream in an open grassland.

    Ecologists use the term “gallery forest”

    What do ecologists call a “gallery forest”

    “Gallery forest” is the term ecologists use

    What ecologists call a “gallery forest”

    Reinforced concrete is concrete that is strengthened by metal bars …

    in it that are embedded

    embedded that are in it

    are that it embedded in

    that are embedded in it

    The Franklin stove, which became common in 1790s, burned wood … an open fireplace.

    efficiently much more than

    much more efficiently than

    much more that efficiently

    more efficiently much than

    Alfalfa is … for livestock.

    a primarily grown crop

    grown primarily crop

    a crop grown primarily

    a grown crop primarily

    Not until the seventeenth century … to measure the speed of light.

    did anyone even attempt

    anyone did even attempt

    did anyone attempt even

    did even attempt anyone

    of the chamber music is the string quartet.

    The famous most form

    The most famous form

    The form most famous

    Most the form famous

    Hills known as land islands, or salt domes, are … Louisiana’s marshlands.

    extremely interesting features of

    of extremely interesting features

    interesting extremely features

    extremely interesting of features

    industries, such as banking and travel, in which computers are not a convenience but a necessity.

    Where some

    In some


    There are some

    A substance that is harmless to a person who has no allergies can cause mild to serious reactions in a person … allergies.


    which having

    can have


    The bark of a tree thickens …

    with age

    it gets older

    as older

    by age

    seed of a flowering plant is covered by a dense protective coat.

    On each


    Each of

    That each

    Energy can be defined as the ability …

    do working

    to do work

    doing work

    work to be done

    was one of the most difficult tasks pioneers faced on their journeys west.

    Crossing rivers

    While crossing rivers

    Rivers being crossed

    By crossing rivers

    The purpose of cost accounting is … involved in producing and selling a good or a service.

    as determination of its costs

    the costs determined

    that determines the costs

    to determine the costs

    at home requires only three types of chemicals, several pieces of simple equipment, and running water.

    For the development of film

    To develop film

    When film is developed

    In developing film

    Power tools require careful handling … injures.

    by avoiding

    they avoid

    to avoid

    that avoid

    A baby’s first teeth … are generally the lower incisors.



    to appear

    in appearing

    for career in dance generally begins at an early age.

    People train

    That people train

    If training


    Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia is the oldest residential street in the United States with … from 1725.

    houses are dated

    the dates of the houses

    the dating of houses

    houses dating

    methane can be used as fuel

    It’s produced by the fermentation of organic matter

    Produced by the fermentation of organic matter

    The production by fermentation of organic matter

    The fermentation of organic matter is produced

    developed so rapidly in Alabama primarily because of its rich natural resources.

    That heavy industry

    Heavy industry

    Heavy industry that was

    When heavy industry

    In order to grow vegetables properly, gardeners must know …

    what the requirements for each vegetable are

    that the requirements for each vegetable

    what are each vegetable’s requirements

    that is required by each vegetable

    For many years people have wondered … that exists elsewhere in the universe.

    that life

    life which

    whether life

    life as it

    Frozen orange juice must be packed, …, and stored when the fruit is ripe.

    be frozen

    must be frozen


    it must be frozen

    Roger Williams was a clergyman, … the colony of Rhode island, and an outspoken advocate of religious and political freedom.


    the founder of

    was the founder of

    he founded

    Paint can be applied to the surface with rollers, …, or spray guns.


    brushes can be used

    with brushes

    by brush

    Throughout the history, trade routes have increased contact between people, …, and greatly affected the growth of civilization.

    have resulted in an exchange of ideas

    an exchange of ideas gas resulted

    resulted in an exchange of ideas

    resulting in an exchange of ideas

    Barbara Jordan was the first woman in the South to win an election to the House of Representatives, … as a Congresswoman from Texas from 1973 to 1979.

    to serve



    has served

    Atlanta is the commercial, financial, and … of Georgia.

    center of administration

    administrative center

    center of administering

    administering center

    In 1989 the space probe Voyager 2 … by the planet Neptune.


    having flown



    Sara Knight … a fascinating account of a journey she made from Boston to New York in 1704.





    Porous rocks such as chalk and sandstone allow water … through them.


    is soaked

    to soak

    can soak

    for their strong fiber include flax and hemp.

    Plants are grown

    Plants grown

    Plants that grow

    To grow plants

    Geometry is useful … carpentry and navigation.

    as in such diverse occupations

    such as in diverse occupations

    in such diverse occupations as

    diverse occupations such as in

    of the early years of space exploration was the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belt in 1958.

    Perhaps the greatest triumph

    The triumph perhaps greatest

    The greatest perhaps triumph

    The triumph greatest perhaps

    Today … major new products without conducting elaborate market research.

    corporations hardly introduce ever

    hardly ever corporations introduce

    hardly ever introduce corporations

    corporations hardly ever introduce

    Across the Chesapeake Bay from the rest of the state …, whose farms produce beans, tomatoes, and other green vegetables.

    there lies Maryland’s Eastern Shore

    lies Maryland’s Eastern Shore

    Maryland’s Eastern Shore lies there

    Maryland’s Eastern Shore lies

    Acidophilus bacteria are … in an acid medium.

    those that grew best

    those grow best that

    that those grow best

    grow best those that

    Specialty stores, unlike department stores, handle only one line of merchandise … a limited number of closely related lines.





    Thomas Eakins studied not only painting … anatomy when he was training to become an artist.


    but also

    as well


    Although topology is the youngest branch of geometry, … is considered the most sophisticated.

    but it

    so it


    however it

    In 1923 Jean Toomer wrote a book titles Cane which combined fiction … poetry to describe the experience of being black in United States.





    Endive can be used … as a salad green or as a cooking vegetable.





    Glucose does not have to be digested, … it can be put directly into the bloodstream.



    and since


    Natural fiber comes from either animal … plant sources.





    Paint is … used to protect wood.

    not only the substance

    the substance which is not only

    not only a substance which is

    not the only substance

    When acoustic engineers design a factory, their goal is to suppress sound, … they design a concert hall, their goal is to transmit sound faithfully.

    or when

    and so

    but when


    Demographers believe most metropolitan areas will continue to grow in … population and area in the future.





    Most crustaceans live in the sea, … some live in fresh water, and a few have ventured onto land.





    Wild strawberries are … cultivated strawberries.

    not sweeter

    not as sweet as

    less sweeter than

    not sweet as

    Sea bass … freshwater bass.

    are larger than

    the larger the

    are as large

    than are larger

    Automobiles, airplanes, and buses use more energy per passenger …

    as do trains

    than trains do

    trains do

    like trains

    The larger a drop of water, … its freezing temperature.

    the higher is

    its higher

    higher than its

    the highest

    San Diego and San Francisco, Los Angeles has no natural harbor.





    The water of the Great Salt Lake is … seawater.

    saltier than that of

    as salty as that of

    saltier than

    so salty as

    A psychosis is a severe mental disorder, … a neurosis.

    the most serious

    as serious

    more serious than

    as though serious

    The social system of bumblebees is not as complex …

    than honeybees

    as honeybees

    that honeybees are

    as that of honeybees

    The administration of private colleges is nearly … that of public colleges.


    just as

    the same as


    A butterfly … a moth in a number of ways.

    is different

    different from

    the difference is

    differs from

    The Democratic Party is older than the other major American political party, …

    which the Republican party

    the Republican party

    it is the Republican party

    the Republican party is

    relations with friends and acquaintances, play a major role in the social development of adolescents.

    What are called peer group relations are

    Peer group relations are

    Peer group relations, the

    By peer group relations, we mean

    Joseph Henry, … director of the Smithsonian Institute, was Presidents Lincoln’s advisor on scientific matters.

    the first

    to be the first

    was the first

    as the first

    The Wasatch Range, … extends from southeastern Idaho into northern Utah.

    which is the part of Rocky Mountains,

    a part of the Rocky Mountains that

    is a part of the Rocky Mountains

    a part of the Rocky Mountains, it

    Ruth St. Denis turned to Asian dances to find inspiration for her.

    It was the dancer

    The dancer

    That the dancer

    The dancer was

    a vast network of computers that connects many of the world’s businesses, institutions, and individuals, primarily through modems and phone lines.

    The Internet,

    That the Internet, as

    The Internet is

    The Internet, which

    In 1878 Fredrick W. Taylor invented a concept called scientific management, … of obtaining as much efficiency from workers and machines as possible.

    it is a method

    a method which

    a method

    called method

    Aerodynamics is the study of the forces … on an object as it moves through the atmosphere.



    are acting


    Norbert Wiener, … mathematician and logician, had an important role in the development of the computer.

    who, as a

    was both a

    whom a


    Vanilla, … is grown chiefly for its seedpod, which yields a flavoring extract.

    a tropical plant of the orchid family that

    a tropical plant of the orchid family

    it is a tropical plant of the orchid family that

    as a tropical plant of the orchid family

    The organs of taste are the … which are mainly located on the tongue.

    groups of cells, are taste buds

    taste buds, are groups of cells

    taste buds, these are groups of cells

    taste buds, groups of cells

    Fearing economic hardship, …

    many New Englanders emigrated to the Midwest in the 1820s

    emigration from New England to the Midwest took place in the 1820s

    it was in the 1820s that many New Englanders emigrated to the Midwest

    an emigration took place in the 1820s from New England to the Midwest.

    Rich and distinctive in flavor, …

    there is in the southern United States a very important nut crop, the pecan

    the most important nut crop in the southern United States, the pecan

    farmers in the southern United States raise pecans, a very important nut crop

    pecans are the most important nut crop in the southern United States

    Orbiting from 2.7 to 3.6 billion miles from the Sun, …

    the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930

    Pluto was discovered by the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in 1930

    It was in 1930 that the astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto

    The discovery of Pluto was made by Clyde Tombaugh

    While living in New Orleans, … the Creole people of Louisiana.

    a book of folklore, Bayou Folk, was written by Kate Chopin about

    Bayou Folk, a book of folklore, was written by Kate Chopin about

    the subject of Kate Chopin’s book Bayou Folk was a folklore of

    Kate Chopin wrote Bayou Folk, a book about the folklore of
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